Spices and Dried Herbs

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Caraway Seeds 50g

Caraway Seeds 50g£0.99

Premium Quality Caraway Seeds 50g - Poly Pot

Chinese 5 Spice 45g

Chinese 5 Spice 45g£0.99

Premium Quality Chinese 5 Spice 45g - Poly Pot

Mint 15g

Mint 15g£0.99

Premium Quality  Mint 15g - Poly Pot

Turmeric Powder 50g

Turmeric Powder 50g£0.99

Premium Quality Turmeric Powder - 50g Poly Pot

Dried Herbs Du Provence 15g

Dried Herbs Du Provence 15g£1.19

Premium Quality  Dried Herbs Du Provence 15g - Poly Pot

Oregano 10g

Oregano 10g£1.19

Premium Quality Oregano 10g - Poly Pot

Parsely 10g

Parsely 10g£1.19

Premium Quality Parsley 10g - Poly Pot

Fennel Ground 50g

Fennel Ground 50g£1.29

Premium Quality Fennel Ground 50g - Poly Pot

Fenugreek Seeds 40g

Fenugreek Seeds 40g£1.29

Premium Quality Fenugreek Seeds 40g - Poly Pot

Italian Herbs 15g

Italian Herbs 15g£1.29

Premium Quality  Italian Herbs 15g - Poly Pot

Sesame Seeds - Black 70g

Sesame Seeds - Black 70g£1.39

Premium Quality Black Sesame Seeds 70g- Poly Pot

Sesame Seeds - White 60g

Sesame Seeds - White 60g£1.39

Premium Quality White Sesame Seeds 60g- Poly Pot

Cayenne Pepper 50g

Cayenne Pepper 50g£1.49

Premium Quality Cayenne Pepper 50g - Poly Pot

Coriander Powder 50g

Coriander Powder 50g£1.49

Premium Quality Coriander Powder 50g - Poly Pot

Cumin Powder 50g

Cumin Powder 50g£1.49

Premium Quality Cumin Powder 50g - Poly Pot

Dill Seeds 50g

Dill Seeds 50g£1.49

Premium Quality Dill Seeds 50g - Poly Pot

Fennel Seeds 45g

Fennel Seeds 45g£1.49

Premium Quality Fennel Seeds 45g - Poly Pot

Ginger Ground 50g

Ginger Ground 50g£1.49

Premium Quality Ginger Ground 50g - Poly Pot

Mixed Herbs 25g

Mixed Herbs 25g£1.49

Premium Quality Mixed Herbs 25g - Poly Pot

Paprika - 50g

Paprika - 50g£1.49

Premium Quality Paprika 50g- Poly Pot

Sage 15g

Sage 15g£1.49

Premium Quality  Sage 15g - Poly Pot

Thyme 25g

Thyme 25g£1.49

Premium Quality Thyme 25g - Poly Pot

Tarragon 12g

Tarragon 12g£1.55

Premium Quality  Tarragon 12g - Poly Pot

Aleppo Chilli Flakes 40g

Aleppo Chilli Flakes 40g£1.59

Premium Quality Aleppo Chilli Flakes 40g - Poly Pot

Black Mustard Seeds 70g

Black Mustard Seeds 70g£1.59

Premium Quality Black Mustard Seeds 70g- Poly Pot

Chilli Powder 50g

Chilli Powder 50g£1.59

Premium Quality Chilli Powder 50g - Poly Pot

Curry Powder - Hot 45g

Curry Powder - Hot 45g£1.59

Premium Quality Hot Curry Powder 45g- Poly Pot

Curry Powder - Mild 45g

Curry Powder - Mild 45g£1.59

Premium Quality Mild Curry Powder 45g- Poly Pot

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