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Spices & Dried Herbs

Essence of Thailand is proud to bring you a complete range of top-quality dried herbs and spices from around the world.

We have sourced the best quality, premium dried herbs and spices to provide you with the very best, most authentic and flavour-filled additions to your dishes.

Whether you’re looking to buy a trusted spice brand that you’ve come to know and love, or you’re looking to try something new and exciting in your home or at your restaurant – you can confidently shop our extensive range of herbs and spices knowing you’re buying only the very best. We are confident you’ll be delighted with our range, as well as our wholesale prices.

We offer fully tracked UK delivery, direct to the public, individual & wholesale customers, restaurants, and shops. We also deliver across Europe from just €3.99. To begin your flavour journey, please select a product below for more information.

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Aleppo Chilli Flakes 40g

Aleppo Chilli Flakes 40g£1.95

Premium Quality Aleppo Chilli Flakes 40g - Poly Pot

All Spice - Ground - 50g

All Spice - Ground - 50g£2.49

Premium Quality All Spice 50g - Poly Pot

Ancho Chilli Powder - 12g

Ancho Chilli Powder - 12g£2.99

Premium Quality Ancho Chilli Powder 12g

Black Cardamom Pods 30g

Black Cardamom Pods 30g£2.69

Premium Quality Black Cardamom Pods 30g - Poly Pot

Black Mustard Seeds 70g

Black Mustard Seeds 70g£1.59

Premium Quality Black Mustard Seeds 70g- Poly Pot

Blue Poppy Seeds 50g

Blue Poppy Seeds 50g£1.99

Premium Quality Blue Poppy Seeds 50g - Poly Pot

Caraway Seeds 50g

Caraway Seeds 50g£1.69

Premium Quality Caraway Seeds 50g - Poly Pot

Cardamom Pods Green 40g

Cardamom Pods Green 40g£4.49

Premium Quality Cardamom Pods Green 40g - Poly Pot

Cardamom Seeds 45g

Cardamom Seeds 45g£3.49

Premium Quality Cardamom Seeds 45g - Poly Pot

Cayenne Pepper 50g

Cayenne Pepper 50g£1.49

Premium Quality Cayenne Pepper 50g - Poly Pot

Chilli Flakes 35g

Chilli Flakes 35g£1.69

Premium Quality Chilli Flakes 35g - Poly Pot

Chilli Powder 50g

Chilli Powder 50g£1.59

Premium Quality Chilli Powder 50g - Poly Pot

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Page 1 of 5:    57 Items
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