Malaysian Grocery

Our range of authentic Malaysian spices, sauces, and coconut milk come from carefully selected and trusted brands to give you only the best when looking for must-have items for your pantry.

Whether you are looking for soy sauces, curry paste, or simply an easy to use satay sauce that includes a Malay favourite when it comes to ingredients - lemongrass, we have them all. Each item is hand-picked to ensure quality and authenticity when bringing you Malaysian supermarket products.


To bring you the best of Malaysian flavours we have a range of spices and sauces ideal for every type of dish - from mild to spicy. Choose from our finest Rojak sauces, thick soy sauces, milk and lemongrass satays, and a variety of curry pastes. You will even find Tamarind puree and coconut or palm sugars to add to your dishes and elevate your meals with more flair and depth of flavour. 


For those looking to make their curries a little less spicier and Nasi Lemak a little more flavourful we offer premium coconut milk sourced straight from Malaysia, this product is available both in single cans and in full case packs for wholesale needs. 


Malaysian groceries in the UK are not always easy to find, which is why we do our best to ensure that we offer as many local favourites as possible. Our selection includes single products as well as bulk and wholesale Malaysian groceries to support restaurants, shops, and customers who like to purchase larger quantities of their favourite spices.

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