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Indonesian Groceries

Straight from your favourite Indonesian supermarkets, Essence of Thailand is proud to offer a wide selection of popular sauces which are essential in Indonesian groceries. Known for their hot and spicy foods, Indonesian cuisine is only made better with authentic, real sauces found only locally made available by Essence of Thailand.

Our team has chosen and checked each product to ensure that it is authentic and full of flavour. Indonesian sauces and groceries are rich in not just spice but also sweetness. We recommend Ketjap Manis which is a wonderful Indonesian version of soy sauce, slightly sweeter in taste and thick and syrupy in consistency, this sauce is perfect for a stir fry and vegetarian or meat meals.

For that real taste of Indonesian we recommend looking at our range of Sambal sauces and pastes. These traditional hot sauces are made from some of the finest chillies available. Sambal manis is a sweet chilli sauce which is a bit milder than the Sambal Oelek chilli sauce which is full of flavour thanks to rich ingredients like ginger, garlic, shallot, and lime juice. If you’re looking for a middle of the road hot paste, the Sambal Nasi Goreng has a lovely coriander tang that adds to the spicy chilli. The secret ingredient to what makes Sambal standout is the use of shrimp paste in the sauces and pastes.

Our Indonesian grocery range is full of sauces, marinates, and pastes both for individual purchase and wholesale orders. If you are looking to order large quantities for wholesale in shops and restaurants, contact us to find out how Essence of Thailand can help order and deliver your wholesale Indonesian groceries. 

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