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Authentic Filipino supermarket favourites are now available in the UK and Europe as we proudly stock more and more products from the Philippines in our Essence of Thailand range. Each product is chosen by our team and checked to ensure authenticity, high quality, and versatility to deliver the best Filipino products available.

Filipino cuisine is full of flavour and contrasting combinations where savoury, sour, and sweet are mixed to create intricate dishes. Popular dishes like adobo will no longer be a hassle with the best vinegar and soy sauces available to you straight from the Philippines. We offer a wide selection of vinegars, soy sauces, and seasonings to add flavour to your cooking.

If you are missing some native flavours like kalamansi, we have a selection of noodle soups with your favourite fruit that are a customer favourite. For those succulent seafood dinners you can choose from numerous canned fish and rich seafood like squid in natural ink. We have not forgotten popular brands such as Datu Puti, Mama Sita’s and of course Silver Swan to add to your Filipino grocery list.

We are excited to be able to offer exquisite products from the Philippines not just in single product quantities and one off purchases for individuals but also in large, repeat orders for restaurants and shops. Please check our selection of Filipino groceries and get in touch with our team for more information about how you can purchase wholesale Filipino products. 

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