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CJ Bibigo Soy Bean Paste 12 x 500g

CJ Bibigo Soy Bean Paste 12 x 500g

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Bar Code:  801007234588
Brand:  CJ Bibigo
Gluten Free:  Yes
Suitable for Vegetarians:  Yes
Suitable for Vegans:  Yes

CJ Bibigo Soy Bean Paste 500gCJ Bibigo Soy Bean Paste 500g
Qty:  12

Ingredients: Water, Soya(27%), Wheat flour, Salt, Fermented soya powder, Cooking rice wine, Wheat, Defatted Soya powder, Koji(contains Barley), Flavour enhancer(E631,E627)

Doenjang is one of the most popular sauces in Korea, which is made by fermenting soybeans with water and salt. Boiled, fermented soybeans are both nutritious and delicious with a bright nutty flavour. Doenjang is most commonly used in Korea for making guk (soup) and jjigae (stew).

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