Coconut Milk Cocktails! 🍹

Thursday, 9 September 2021  |  Admin

This year has been a bit weird, right? So, we’ve been looking at ways to bring a bit of fun into staying in – especially when the bars and pubs were closed.

We looked at our fully stocked alcohol cupboards and thought, what can we try with other items in our cupboards? Then, right there in front of us was a few tins of coconut milk and an idea was born.

We already know that coconut cream in a hot chocolate is divine, so we started safe by just adding Baileys to it, but it escalated from there.

Here’s how the experiments turned out:

Introducing “Coconut Coffee Cream”.

This is very simple and easy to make, we began by making an ordinary coffee with our very nice (and popular branded) coffee machine and filling the cup to half. You need to allow this to cool a little bit, so whilst this is doing so, we got some chocolate sauce (like you use on ice cream) and a large cocktail glass.

We poured in some chocolate sauce, to make a small pool at the bottom of the glass and a pretty pattern around the sides.

We grabbed our cocktail shaker and added the (now cold) coffee and a half a tin of coconut milk , some Malibu Rum and some ice. Shake for around 1 minute, then pour into the glass. There should be enough for 2 glasses here, but top up with coconut milk or another splash of coffee if preferred.

Garnish with a slice of pineapple, or a cherry and a straw. There you have a simple yet delicious after dinner cocktail.


Up Next: Coconut Milk Rum Punch


Here’s another idea we had to use up the remainder of our coconut milk.

We recommend making this into a larger jug because it’s very moreish and easier to make in bulk. In to a large jug mix : 500ml of Pineapple Juice, 500ml of Mango Juice, 250ml of Malibu Rum & 250ml of coconut milk. Mix well, we mixed ours with a whisk and it worked really well, but if you don’t have one to hand a large spoon will work.

Refrigerate for around 1 hour before serving. When about to serve, grab your cocktail glass and set it aside, grab your cocktail shaker – add 2 -3 cubes of ice and pour in some of the punch mix. Give it a good shake for around 30 seconds – 1 min and then get ready to pour into your cocktail glass.

Garnish the cocktail with a chunk of pineapple, a fancy straw and a cocktail topper (we loved these palm tree ones).


Coconut milk Pina Colada

It’s no secret that we’ve recently teamed up with who is a Kent Based Private Dining Chef, turning out some amazing dishes and content – some of which he used our ingredients for.

Anyway, we mentioned to him that we were working on some cocktail recipes using our Coconut Milk and the next day, this pinged into our inbox!

Here’s how to replicate it, so grab a blender and follow along:

100ml of White Rum (again, we used Malibu), 25ml of Lime Juice, 200ml Pineapple Juice, 50ml of Sugar Syrup, 30ml of Coconut Milk and ice goes into the blender. Blend until smooth and then get your tallest prettiest glasses and pour it out. Garnish again with a slice of pineapple and some greenery, it’ll be the best Pina Colada you’ll ever try – trust us!

We have one more cocktail / shot idea for you that could be fun to liven up a dinner party or gathering.


Dragon Shots….

Dragon fruit inspired shots.

To make these fun party pieces you don’t need much, so grab the below and follow on..

1 x can of coconut milk and a dragon fruit will get you started. If possible, pop the coconut milk in the fridge for a good hour or so before making.

Then for the green shot grab some apple sours (yes, you read that right) and pour around ¼ of a shot. Top up with coconut milk and you are good to go.

For the red one, get some grenadine (or Red Aftershock / Sourz Cherry) and again fill it to ¼ of a shot glass. Top up with the coconut milk and serve.

Now for the blue /black one, here is where you can have some fun. Blue curaçao or Kaluha is perfect to start this one. Again, fill ¼ of a shot glass and then top up with coconut milk.

When trying these, some of the team loved them – the others said that a shot of malibu would jazz them up a bit.

If you’d like to try these yourself please let us know how they turn out, or if you come up with your own ideas – make sure you tag us!


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