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Fresh Snake Fruit (Salak) 12 x 250g (Prepacked)

Fresh Snake Fruit (Salak) 12 x 250g (Prepacked)

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Bar Code:  8858832604956
Brand:  Essence of Thailand

Case Size: 12 x 250g

Country of Origin: Thailand

Snake fruit, more technically known as salak or salacca zalacca, is native to Indonesia but is now grown and produced around southeast Asia. The fruit grows on the salak palm tree, sprouting off the base of the palm in little clusters.

In Thailand, snake fruit is widespread, popular as a to-go snack on the streets of Bangkok (during season). Venders will often handle the dirty work, peeling the spiky exterior and packing the peeled fruit into convenient bags for sale. Thais enjoy snake fruit dipped in a mixture of sugar and salt.

To eat a snake fruit, firstly, the hard skin needs to be removed. To do this, pinch the tip of the fruit and pull away. Now the skin can easily be removed.

The fruit inside consists of a yellowish-white or pink, firm and juicy flesh. The flesh contains large inedible seeds. The sour/sweet taste is somewhat like pineapple.


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