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Fresh Mushroom - Shimeji 4 x 500g (Prepacked)

Fresh Mushroom - Shimeji 4 x 500g (Prepacked)
Our Price:  £27.00

Bar Code:  8858832604949
Brand:  Essence of Thailand



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Case Size: 4 x 500g

Country of Origin: Thailand

Shimeji should always be cooked: it is not a good mushroom to serve raw due to a somewhat bitter taste, but the bitterness disappears completely upon cooking. The cooked mushroom has a pleasant, firm, slightly crunchy texture and a slightly nutty flavor. Cooking also makes this mushroom easier to digest.

It works well in stir-fried foods, as well as with wild game or seafood. Also it can be used in soups, stews and in sauces. When cooked alone, Shimeji mushrooms can be sautéed whole, including the stem or stalk (only the very end cut off), using a higher temperature or they can be slow roasted on a low temperature with a small amount of butter or cooking oil

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