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Fresh Durian 10KG
Fresh Durian 10KGFresh Durian 10KGFresh Durian 10KG

Fresh Durian 10KG

Our Price:  £87.99
RRP:  £108.60
Save:  19%

Bar Code:  8858832604697
Brand:  Essence of Thailand

Case Size: 10Kg

Contains 3 to 4 fruit, each packed into an individual bag

Country of Origin: Thailand

The DURIAN is native to Southeast Asia and has a hard outer husk which is covered with sharp prickly thorns.  The edible flesh emits a distinctive odour which can be strong and penetrating even when the husk is intact.

 The size of the fruit can be as large as 30 centimetres and can weigh between 1and 3 kilograms.

Durian is ripe when the husk has a golden colour and begins to crack. 

The flesh is mostly eaten fresh or dried and often out of hand.

To open the fruit, Inspect the durian's husk for natural "seams". This is where you will want focus your cutting and pulling efforts. With a long, sharp knife, carefully a make a deep cut into the durian about 8-10 inches long.  Bury your fingers into the cut and pry the hull apart. When you are finished, you should have two halves.  With the knife, make a deep cut into the fibrous divider along the center of the half. If the durian is very ripe, you will not need to do this.  Pull the halved sections apart.  Scoop the edible flesh out of the husk and repeat with the other half.

Due to the very strong, pungent smell that the Durian emits, it is banned from nearly all public places in Thailand!


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