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We guarantee the quality of our products - most of which come with a minimum shelf life of 7 to 10 days.

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Fresh Lemon Grass 100g

Fresh Lemon Grass 100g£0.99

Lemon Grass 100g

Fresh Turmeric Root 100g

Fresh Turmeric Root 100g£1.29

Fresh Turmeric Root 100g

Fresh Green Peppercorn 100g

Fresh Green Peppercorn 100g£1.99


Green Peppercorn 100g

Fresh Turmeric Root 2KG

Fresh Turmeric Root 2KG£12.40

Fresh Turmeric Root 2Kg

Fresh Pandan Leaf 200g

Fresh Pandan Leaf 200g£2.99

Fresh Pandan Leaf 200g

Fresh Banana Leaf Rolled 200g

Fresh Banana Leaf Rolled 200g£1.99

Banana Leaf 200g

Fresh Thai Shallots 200g

Fresh Thai Shallots 200g£2.99

Thai Shallots 200g

DestinAsian Thai Green Curry Kit 63g

DestinAsian Thai Green Curry Kit 63g£3.99

DestinAsian Thai Green Curry Kit 63g

Fresh Baby Kai Lan - Baby Kale 12 x 100g (Prepacked)

Fresh Baby Kai Lan - Baby Kale 12 x 100g (Prepacked)£11.95

Baby Kai Lan 12 x 100g (Prepacked)

Fresh Banana Leaf Rolled 2KG

Fresh Banana Leaf Rolled 2KG£12.90

Banana Leaf 2Kg

Fresh Banana Leaf Round 200g

Fresh Banana Leaf Round 200g£2.69

Banana Leaf Round 200g

Fresh Krachai 200g

Fresh Krachai 200g£2.49

Krachai 200g

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Page 1 of 6:    69 Items

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